Thought I Was King 

*Officially released in 2016, but available through the online store here

  1. Phoenix Rising
  2. Stolen Flowers
  3. Death Rattle
  4. Old-fashioned Girl
  5. See Her in the Distance
  6. Never Love a Wild Thing
  7. Drowning Man
  8. Our Little Empire
  9. Coast to Coast
  10. Stars on Parade
  11. Our Love Will Bleed
  12. Bloodletting

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Double A-side (2013)

  1. Dream in Japanese
  2. I’ve Been Waiting For You

Dream in Japanese_no compact disc logo

LAVERS_I've Been Waiting For You_1400x1400

Endless Corridors (2012)

  1. Lonely Hunter
  2. Love and Addiction
  3. Our Little Empire
  4. Heard You Call My Name
  5. Don’t Drop Stones
  6. All The Mockingbirds
  7. Celeste


The Street is a Symphony (2011)

  1. Blue Rose
  2. Meet Me At The Merry-go-round
  3. Old-fashioned Girl
  4. Cosmic Ambulance
  5. Tangled Up In Dreams

The Street is a Symphony_artwork (low res)